Cinema screens digitally reconstructed masterpiece on Warsaw Rising in English

A digitally reconstructed English language version of the iconic 1957 movie “Canal” by legendary Polish filmmaker Andrzej Wajda is being screened at Warsaw cinema “Iluzjon” to better acquaint English speakers with the dreadful experiences endured by those who took up arms against the German invader.

Andrzej Wajda’s “Canal” is arguably one of the greatest war films ever made, it tells the tale of a group of doomed insurgents in the final days of the uprising.

“Our city is home to many members of the international audience. Therefore, it was very important to us to make sure that they would be able to see this movie and fully understand it,” Kinga Zabawska, the head of Iluzjon Cinema, told PolandIN.

As acclaimed and multidimensional as Andrzej Wajda’s “Canal” is, the movie is not the only work of Polish art that tackles the traumatic experience of WWII. “The subject of the history of WWII and the Warsaw Uprising 1944 has always been present in Polish cinematography,” Beata Zaborek of the FINA Audiovisual Institute told PolandIN.

“The real subject of this movie is the sacrifice of these young people, the questions they ask themselves. What is my homeland, what is friendship to me, what does the fight for independence means to me,” said Ms Zaborek.