Bird exodus: Swan family bid farewell to their hosts

Once upon a time there was a swan family living in the pond in an area belonging to the Municipal Water and Sewage Company (MPWiK) in Wrocław. The bird couple had a nest there, raising six nestlings, but one day, the day came when the whole family wanted to set off into the wide world.

“We've noticed that something unusual is happening. Our swans went for a walk, walking in designated places, i.e. through the pedestrian crossing, looking for a place where they could get out of our area,” said Martyna Bańcerek from MPWiK.

The quest was rather difficult, because the area was riddled with gates and passes.

When the staff saw the swan family struggle, they lent them a hand. The security opened the gate so that the birds could easily get out.

“Unfortunately, they jumped into the waters of the Oława river and left. A bit of a sad moment”, Ms Bańcerek added.

MPWiK wished the swans “good luck”, after its employees had grown quite attached to the birds.