Polish Humanitarian Action to help displaced Beirut citizens

A team from the Polish Humanitarian Action (PAH) charity organisation will help residents of Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, whose homes were damaged by Tuesday's explosion, PAH said in a statement sent to the Polish Press Agency.

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“The massive blast destroyed nearly half of the city, leaving over a quarter of a million people homeless. Many inhabitants, having nowhere to go, spend the nights on the streets,” the statement reads.

PAH added that the situation is aggravated by the fact that most goods were brought to the country through the now completely destroyed port, which also housed large granaries with grain and a warehouse of medical equipment.

According to the statement, PAH will help the most disadvantaged families by providing financial support for the rebuilding of their homes.

PAH also wants to help those who had been experiencing difficulties in their daily life situation before the disaster and have now lost their jobs, by giving them money to buy food, water or medicines, Paula Gierak of PAH said.

The statement pointed out that Lebanon, which had welcomed millions of refugees from neighbouring Syria, was now itself on the brink of a humanitarian disaster. Many years of economic crisis, which recently deepened, and the effects of pandemic-related restrictions have left an increasing number of people living on the verge of poverty.

The blast at Beirut’s port on Tuesday evening killed at least 145 people, injured more than 5,000 and damaged up to 300,000 homes in the city.