Dutch organise fundraiser for family of heroic Polish saviour of 3 children

On August 2 a 37-year-old Pole by the name of Marcin K. rushed to the help of three German children drowning in the sea outside of Julianadorp, the Netherlands. He gave his life to save all of the minors but orphaned three of his own in exchange. Moved by his act of bravery, a Dutch lady from The Hague decided to organise a fundraiser to help Marcin’s family cope with the loss.

Marcin worked at a mining company in Poland and used to undertake seasonal work in Germany in order to earn extra cash to boost his salary and support a family of five. This year he opted for a new destination, the Netherlands, where he enrolled with Callantsoog, a lightbulb-producing company.

On August 2 Marcin was sitting on the beach at Julianadorp, northern Netherlands, and talking with his wife on the phone when he saw that a trio of children were in dire straits. “Something’s wrong with kids in the water, I need to hang up,” he told his wife Monika and rushed to the rescue bringing the children to the shore but ending up being pulled back by a wave into the sea.

Rescuers were dispatched but could not find him. Later the sea cast his body ashore. Marcin’s family could hardly believe what happened as he was remembered as a great swimmer. “Marcin would have given his life for his three children [aged 2, 10 and 12] but now he did that for three stranger’s children,” Marcin’s mother-in-law told the Dutch “Algemeen Dagblad" daily.

Martina Jonasz, a Polish-born inhabitant of The Hague learnt about the heroic did of the 37-year-old Pole and decided to help his wife and children by organising a charitable fundraiser. Given the fact that Marcin was the sole bread-winner, the family found it difficult to make ends meet. Thus, having contacted Monika, Mrs Jonasz started the fundraiser with the help of the Gofundme web service.

She set the benchmark to EUR 35,000, but the goal has already been doubled as internet users have already donated over EUR 119,000. The entire sum will be handed over to Monika and the children of heroic Marcin to help them put financial concerns aside for a while.