Bottoms up! Poland second-largest brewer in EU

Poland, along with Spain, is the second-largest producer of beer in the European Union, according to data from Eurostat, published on International Beer Day, which is celebrated annually on the first Friday of August.

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The largest producer of beer in the EU in 2019 was Germany. The breweries there brewed some 8bn litres which was 23 percent of the whole production in the Union.

Both Poland and Spain are responsible for 11 percent (each) of the total EU production of beer. They both brewed 3.9 bn litres of the beverage last year.

The Netherlands are in fourth place with around seven percent of EU share (2.5 bn litres of production), followed by Belgium (based on data from 2017), France and the Czech Republic. Total production of beer in the Union in 2019 was 34.4 bn litres.

In terms of exports, the Netherlands is the largest exporter of beer, Dutch producers sold around 1.9 bn litres of the beverage abroad. In second place is Belgium (1.7 bn litres) and third Germany (1.6 bn litres).

Specific data can be found at the Eurostat website.

The numbers regarding the consumption of beer per capita (in the world) can be found in the Kirin Beer University Report. The data relates to 2018. The largest consumption was recorded in the Czech Republic (191.8 litres per year), followed by Austria (107.6 litres), Germany (101.1 litres), Romania (98.9 litres) and Poland (98.2).