COVID-19 strikes Polish national ice hockey team

Eleven ice hockey players and two coaches have been infected with SARS-CoV-2 during the Polish national teams July training camp, the official website of the Polish Ice Hockey Association announced.

As many as 46 people, including 34 players, took part in the training camp, which was held in Warsaw between July 19-26. The first test was performed by the player Damian Kapica and his result came back positive.

Subsequent tests have shown that the head coach, Robert Kalaber, is also infected. After testing everyone in the group 13 cases of infections were found.

Polish Hockey League (PZHL) authorities have stated that everyone is feeling well and is undergoing compulsory quarantine. The union has assured that it is in constant contact with hockey players, coaches, club representatives, the State Sanitary Inspection unit and medical services.

The PZHL also stated that they are in contact with specialists in the field of infectious diseases with regard to new procedures about the rules for conducting future training camps and recommendations for ice hockey games.

The league season is due to begin on September 11.