5G rules: it’s not politics it's about security: official

“In the end it is about security and all device providers will have to fulfill the same requirements,” Wanda Buk, the Deputy Minister of Digitalisation told PolandIN, following PM Morawiecki being quoted in The Telegraph saying the government is rewriting its 5G network security requirements, a move analysts say could exclude the use of major Chinese suppliers.

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A tender for new 5G frequencies was cancelled at the start of lockdown, after several other European countries including France and Portugal had done so.

However, the Minister said in an interview with PolandIN that the ministry had cancelled the tender because of legal issues with the tender. Wording about the dates for putting in bids was not clear, “opening up too many opportunities to appeal against the result,” she told a Polish daily last week.

If Poland takes a course of not allowing Chinese technology to be used in the new networks, then it would be falling in line with the policies of its ally, the US, some three weeks after the UK announced it was turning its back on using more Chinese 5G hardware.

Wanda Buk says that there will be a level playing field, with all of the suppliers having to comply to the same rules and no-one will be excluded.