Education Ministry to introduce video games to schools

The school year is nearing but news of the Education Ministry intending to run a pilot programme that will see video games and computer games introduced into the school curriculum should put smiles on pupils’ faces.

The Education Ministry intends to make computer games part of the education curriculum with the aim of assessing the outcomes of children's education. Poland’s public broadcaster TVP wrote that teachers are already obliged to develop digital competencies in children and youth. The new programme is also to broaden the skills of using various types of IT tools.

Another goal of the project is to introduce the most efficient education methods via computer games.

To begin with, schools will have to carry out the necessary educational innovations, namely, train their staff and project coordinators. The ministry will work out recommendations and examples of good praxes, e-materials and games.

A limited number of schools can take part in the pilot programme. The schools which want to participate are to declare their interest by September 30.

According to the Education Ministry, the use of computer and video games in the education process is already a part of the core curriculum, as it obliges teachers to develop pupils’ IT competencies.