Former minister to remain in jail: court

On Tuesday, the District Court in Warsaw decided that Sławomir Nowak, former minister in the PO-PSL government and former head of the Ukrainian State Road Agency, will remain in jail until his trial begins.

The court also decided that Dariusz Z. and Jacek P. (names withheld under Polish privacy law) will also remain in jail until trial. They were arrested together with Sławomir Nowak.

Sławomir Nowak’s lawyer filed a complaint about the decision of the first-instance court in late July. Then, as now, the court also decided that Mr Nowak would remain in jail. The appeal court argued that temporary detention would prevent any obstruction of justice, and that such preventative measures are appropriate considering the significant sentence which Mr Nowak is facing.

Sławomir Nowak was charged with leading an organised criminal group that benefited from corruption. He is suspected of claiming and accepting material and personal benefits in return for granting private entities contracts for the construction and repair of roads in Ukraine, as well as money laundering.