All 3 Poles missing in Belarus now located

The Polish embassy in Belarus has confirmed that it has located the third Polish citizen whose whereabouts had been unknown following the street protests taking place across the country against what is widely perceived as another falsified election by incumbent president Aleksandr Lukashenko.

All three Poles have been detained by the authorities. Unofficial sources within the Polish embassy have confirmed for reporters from the Polish Press Agency (PAP) that there are no longer any Poles considered missing in Belarus.

The relatives of the Poles detained have been informed by the embassy about their family members’ situation. The Polish diplomatic corps in the country is now providing consular assistance to the detainees and working on their release.

Meanwhile, reports are coming in that journalists are being targeted by the riot police, with a number of coworkers of the Belarusian TV-station Belsat, based in Poland, arrested by the authorities. A cameraman from the Polish TV-station TVP Polonia suffered injuries after being kicked in the face by riot police after asking about the location of his colleague.

On Tuesday, the Foreign Affairs Ministers from Poland, Finland, Latvia and Estonia met in Riga, Latvia to discuss the situation in Belarus. They all called on the EU to propose to negotiate between the regime in Minsk and opposition groups. A teleconference gathering the Foreign Affairs Ministers of EU member states is expected to discuss the issue on Friday.

Polish Senate issues resolution on Belarus protests

The Polish Senate has adopted a resolution on the unrest in Belarus. It calls on the authorities in Minsk to stop persecuting protesters and instead establish a dialogue with its citizens. It also calls on Polish president Andrzej Duda and the Polish government to put pressure on the Belarusian authorities.

The Senate also called on international organisations, including the EU, to take necessary interest in the events currently playing out in Belarus and to exert pressure on the authorities in Minsk "to stop the brutal pacification of civil protests" taking place across the country.

After the adoption of the resolution, in a gesture of solidarity, senators of all political groups unfurled the traditional Belarusian white-red-white flags, abolished by Aleksandr Lukashenko after coming to power more than 25 years ago.

The incumbent president triumphed in Sunday's election, winning more than 80 percent of the votes, which according to independent observers was neither free nor democratic.

The main opposition candidate, Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, has left the country after pressure from the authorities and is now in political exile in Lithuania. In total, according to official data, more than 6 thousand people have now been detained in connection to the protests throughout the country.