Best Polish racers commemorate Battle of Warsaw

Two of the best Polish racers competing in the top global categories – Robert Kubica in Formula One and Bartłomiej Marszałek in F1 H20 Powerboat – participated on Sunday in a special event commemorating the centenary of the Battle of Warsaw.

Kubica in his car and Marszałek in a boat competed against each other, but they said the most important thing was to pay homage to the Poles who stood against the Soviet Red Army in 1920. As the event was held in secret, the results will be announced on Saturday.

Apart from the racers, the event involved Orlen’s Acrobatic Group “Żelazny” which formed a Polish flag in the sky. It was accompanied by the Boeing 737 “Marszałek Józef Piłsudski” of the Polish Air Force.