CEO of radio station asked to resign for calling ‘Margot’ a man

Piotr Jedliński resigned from his job as CEO of the new independent radio station “Nowy Świat” when his colleagues refused to back his stance on the Margot case. Mr Jedliński was asked to resign after he referred to Margot as a male and criticised the individual’s behaviour. In a separate incident LGBT activists again attacked a pro-life organisation’s van in Warsaw.

LGBT activists held for attacking police

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“Margot” is an LGBT activist called Michał Sz. who refers to himself as Małgorzata, even though he has not completed the legal formalities of changing his gender. He was arrested for his alleged active participation in an attack on a pro-life van which resulted in 1500 Euro’s worth of damage to the vehicle and assault causing injury to the driver of the van.

The court sided with the public prosecutor and issued an arrest warrant to the individual charged with assault and damage to property. LGBT activists protested the decision and attempted to prevent the arrest last Friday. The police later detained and charged 48 individuals for blocking roads and attacking police officers.

Piotr Jedliński was the CEO of Radio Nowy Świat. The station has recently been formed following the departure of key figures from the radio “Trójka” station of public radio. The individuals who have now set up Radio Nowy Świat left in protest at the management of Trójka’s decision to nullify the result of a chart which showed a protest song against the ruling party at No.1. The management of Trojka has since been changed and some of the protesting journalists and disc jockeys have returned.

Piotr Jedliński along with many others, however, decided to launch radio Nowy Świat. On Sunday he attempted to defend referring to the LGBT activist who calls himself “Margot” as a man. He was criticised by his colleagues for damaging the reputation of the station and asked to resign as they felt that he was speaking for the radio station, even though he had underlined that he was just expressing his own views.

After referring to “Margot” as a man, which was a statement of fact since “Margot” is still legally recognised as Michał Sz., Mr Jedliński was heavily criticised on social media. He responded by stating “if ‘Margot’ and his acolytes want their freedom to be respected why can they not tolerate the freedom of the media and my own personal freedom? Why do they want to force on me their outlook, forcing me to describe as a woman someone I regard as a man?”.

LGBT activists attack a pro-life van again

The state TV portal TVP Info reported that the same LGBT activists who last week jumped on top of a police van this week allegedly attacked a pro-life van in Warsaw on Wednesday. According to the police the dispute entailed offences of blocking traffic and damage to property.

Asked by a journalist the man denied that he had been jumping on the van but admitted to having been on the roof of the police van at last Friday’s protests. He added that he was reacting aggressively because the opponents of LGBT are causing offence to minorities.

The pro-life van was covered with messages saying that the LGBT lobby wants small children to be taught how to masturbate, give consent to sex and about initiation and orgasm. This claim relates to UN guidelines on sex education which some left and liberal politicians wanted to introduce into Polish schools, as part of LGBT charters in several local authorities.


Justice ministry critical of Commissioner for Human Rights

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What an irony that the journalists who quit “Trójka” back in May protesting against alleged censorship have now effectively not only censored but also led to the dismissal of their colleague for… exercising his right of free speech! It is a trump of sorts for “Margot” and other LGBT activists, but not for freedom of speech and the media in Poland.

The aggressive confrontational tactics of the LGBT activists were out in force on Warsaw streets again. The target was again a pro-life organisation which admittedly is conducting a controversial public information campaign linking LGBT activist demands with paedophilia.

The police are as always between a rock and a hard place. They have to enforce the law and cannot tolerate damage to property, assaults or the blocking of roads. And they have to enforce arrest warrants issued by independent courts.

This summer’s culture war continues. Both sides are determined and unwilling to back down. It is a pity that freedom of speech and the media as well as public order may be the casualties.

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