Epic pipe organ finally installed at the National Forum of Music, Wroclaw

Photo: Facebook/NFM

They are built with 4,700 pipes, 14 meters high and weigh 30 tons. The new organs of the National Forum of Music in Wrocław are ready to play. They were built in the main hall and took a total of 30,000 hours of work. Tomorrow, for the first time, an audience will have the opportunity to hear them during the concert.

The construction of the pipe organ has been completed at the National Forum of Music. In terms of size, tonal power, color possibilities and frequency range, they are a more complicated tool than a whole symphonic orchestra. The organs enable music from previous centuries to sound fuller, the instrument will also open the door for many new compositions.

The instrument was designed and made by organ builders from the Orgelbau Klais studio from Bonn, which boasts over a hundred years of tradition and experience, and perfectly suits the acoustics of the NFM Main Hall.