Polish Language Council: Polish word for black person is offensive

The matter of determining whether the word "Murzyn" is pejoratively characteristic was taken up by members of the Polish Language Council after receiving a letter from a person interested in resolving this issue.. A response was prepared by Dr hab. Marek Łaziński, professor at the University of Warsaw. The word roughly translates into English as Black or Negro.

"For several years, the word "Murzyn" has appeared in the press and public texts, very rarely on different sides of the political barricade, usually not as a neutral term for a man, but as a word about which we are in dispute" - wrote Prof. Łaziński.

"I emphasise that the word “Murzyn” was once neutral, positive contexts with this noun can be found without difficulty, and people who used it in the eighties or nineties have absolutely no reason to feel guilty" he stated in further justification.

"However, words change associations and overtones in the course of natural changes in social awareness. Today, the word “Murzyn” is not only burdened with bad associations, it is already archaic" - believes prof. Łaziński.

"Strange decision"

The perception of the word "Murzyn" as offensive was commented on by renowned pro-life activist Dr. Bawer Aondo-Akaa for "Tygodnik Solidarność". In his opinion, this is a "bizarre decision".

“I think that the 'Polish Language Council', making this bizarre ideological decision that the word murzyn is supposedly "offensive" from today, behaved absurdly. In the history of our serene Republic of Poland, there has been no slavery in the form it was in the United States of America, Great Britain or France” said Dr Aondo-Akaa.