‘The Miracle You’ve Never Heard Of’: how Battle of Warsaw changed history

There are events which deeply influence the reality of today and yet few people have heard about them. One such event is the Battle of Warsaw. Its impact on the history of the modern world is explained in “The Miracle You’ve Never Heard Of”, a movie produced by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute, directed by Stefan Tompson.

The Battle of Warsaw, also known as the Miracle of the Vistula, has been recognised as the 18th most important battle. Its outcome decided the fate of the world. It was during this battle, which raged on the outskirts of Warsaw from August 13 to August 15, 1920, that the Polish army and its allies stopped the Bolshevik Red Army in its tracks and saved Europe from being squashed under the boots of a communist totalitarian regime.

The movie emphasizes the importance of the battle not just for the independence of Poland but also for the future of Europe. The Adam Mickiewicz Institute decided to go beyond underscoring the military aspect alone and gave prominence to the civilisational element of the epochal event by demonstrating a clash of values and the mobilisation of the citizens of the recently reborn Polish state.

Given the broad-stroked contextual approach of the producers to the Battle of Warsaw, foreigners will find “The Miracle You’ve Never Heard Of” especially informative. Produced in the English language, the movie is easily accessible for foreigners.

The director of the movie is Stefan Tompson, a Polish-South African historian and populariser of Polish culture and history. The voice heard in the movie, belonging to Mr Tompson, also delivers a universal message dedicated to both Poles and foreigners.

“Your freedoms are not free. They are hard-fought and paid for with blood. Do not waste this gift. The sacrifice and victory of those who gave you these comforts cannot be in vain,” Mr Tomson narrated.

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