Czech, Polish PMs call for repeating presidential vote in Belarus

On Friday morning Czech PM Andrej Babiš tweeted that he had held a conversation with Polish PM Mateusz Morawiecki on the Belarusian developments. The conversation led to both politicians’ appeal for a repeat presidential vote in Belarus and an urgent videoconference of the European Council, the Polish Press Agency (PAP) reported.

Mr Babiš wrote that they had decided with Mr Morawiecki to appeal to the head of the European Council, Charles Michel, to urgently hold a videoconference of council members regarding Belarus.

“This morning, I appealed to the head of the European Council [Charles Michel] and Ursula von der Leyen regarding the situation in Belarus, which is really serious. In agreement with Polish PM Mateusz Morawiecki, I have requested that an urgent video conference be convened by the members of the European Council,” Mr Babiš tweeted in the Czech Language.

The Czech PM underlined that there was no time to waste and that the Belarusian people needed aid fast. He also stated that the presidential election had to be repeated, had to be clear and held in the presence of foreign observers.

Poland’s PM Morawiecki also tweeted, in Polish, that he has spoken “with Andrej Babiš on the need to discuss the situation on Belarus in the European Council. We mustn’t wait. The Belarusians are in need of European solidarity, now! As Poland, we have been with them from the very beginning of the protests.”

Mr Morawiecki also wrote that he would “present the ‘Solidarity with Belarus’ plan at the Lower House.”

An urgent meeting of EU FMs regarding the ongoing protests in Belarus will take place in Brussels on Friday.

At least two protesters have died and around 6,700 were detained this week in a crackdown following Alexander Lukashenko's contested re-election that has prompted the West to consider new sanctions on Minsk. The protesters accuse Lukashenko of rigging last Sunday's presidential election to win a sixth term.