Peek into chambers of Trzebieszowice Castle and feel like King Willhelm III

Having entered the gate of Trzebieszowice Castle, in Lower Silesia Province, southern Poland, anyone can feel at least like a baron in this historical avenue that hosted many lords and ladies.

The story of the castle dates back to the XVth century when it served as the seat of knightly authority that stretched over the surrounding lands. The fortress fell into desolation and yet a new edifice was erected on its ruins in the XVIth century. That is when the construction of a renaissance manor with an inner courtyard began. By 1613, the building was concluded and brought pride to its owners – the von Reichenbach family.

Thereafter the castle was acquired by many consecutive aristocratic families. The splendour of the castle’s interiors appealed even to the tastes of one of the most powerful men of the time, namely the Prussian King Willhelm the III of the Hohenzollern dynasty, who decided to throw his birthday party at the venue.

Ever since 2004, the castle has been owned by Zbigniew Nojszewski, the CEO of the hotel company Neya. Having renovated the castle, Neya turned it into a hotel called “The Castle on the Rock”, which apart from offering rooms in the very same building where powerful historical figures used to live also provides beauty and wellness services such as peeling, massages, aestheticians and swimming pools.

For those in need of relaxation and a moment of contemplation, the castle’s park offers carefully maintained paths and even a copy of the famous Venus of Milo statue to behold.

Those willing to darken the doorstep of Trzebieszowice Castle are advised to start their journey from Wrocław and follow route no. S8, taking a turn left around the town of Kłodzko onto route no. 33. In the town of Żelazno, they should turn onto route no. 392. The entire 110 km-long journey takes about 1h 52 min.