Four Cultures Festival kicks off in Łódź

The Łódź Four Cultures Festival, highlighting the contribution of Poish, Jewish, Russian and German cultures to the development of the central Polish city, began on Thursday and will this year feature concerts, performances, workshops and more.

There were doubts as to whether it would be possible to implement even a part of the plans for this year, said Kamila Golik, the producer of the festival, adding that due to coronavirus measures, some of the already scheduled concerts had to be cancelled.

"Nevertheless, we are full of optimism and joy that the festival will be held with the participation of the audience," Ms Golik added.

Strict infection prevention measures related to the coronavirus epidemic will apply during the events.

The festival concerts will take place on the open-air stage of Polish Radio Łódź .

"Listeners and viewers who, due to the limited number of places, will not be able to participate in live concerts, will be able to follow them on radio broadcasts or watch the concert via the internet," the radio’s programme director Marcin Wasiewicz said.

"This year's repertoire is exceptionally attractive. (…) It is one of the few cultural events that have returned after the lockdown," he added.

The Łódź Festival of Four Cultures has been organized since 2010, and its slogan this year is: "Future With No Return."

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