Three-month festival promoting Poland commences in Singapore

Polish food, culture, education, tourism and video games will be on show during the 4th Poland SHIOK Festival that started on Wednesday in Singapore.

The festival, which will run until November, is organised by the Polish Embassy in Singapore in cooperation with the Polish Tourism Organisation and the National Support Centre for Agriculture (KOWR).

The Singaporean word "shiok" means "exquisite" in English, and is the main association Polish diplomats want to have between Poland and the Asian city-state.

Due to the restrictions imposed amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the organisers decided to go mostly online this year. The festival is scheduled to screen several films, including those about cooking Polish dishes, which guests will have an opportunity to taste afterwards.

Ambassador of Poland to Singapore Magdalena Bogdziewicz said that this year's festival is a continuation of investments in building Polish businesses in the Singaporean market.

In her opinion, the promotion of food has a specific, commercial dimension. "As every year, we strongly combine the culinary part with the business offer. We hope that this will translate into greater recognition and wider contacts between companies," she added.

This year's edition will primarily focus on the Polish video games industry and the long-awaited upcoming premiere of Cyberpunk 2077.

As part of the cinematographic element of the festival, the Singaporeans saw the Oscar nominee "Corpus Christi" by Jan Komasa on the opening day of the event.

Apart from this, viewers will be able to watch other films online, including "These Daughters of Mine" by Kinga Dębska which tells a story about complicated family relationships and "The Taste of Pho" directed by Mariko Bobrik, a story about the Vietnamese community in Warsaw.

Among other festival attractions, the official website of the festival will offer applications about the music of the Polish famous composers Fryderyk Chopin and Krzysztof Penderecki.

Furthermore, over a dozen Polish universities are to take part in the online educational fair planned for the second half of September.