Regional Three Seas Initiative serves whole EU: President

The Central and Eastern European infrastructure cooperation initiative, dubbed the Three Seas, is beneficial for the whole EU, Polish President Andrzej Duda, one of the project's initiators, said on Monday in a speech at the Three Seas Stock Exchanges Conference.

The event began on Monday in Kraków, southern Poland and President Duda delivered the opening speech.

He said that the initiative member states occupy one-third of the EU’s total area and are home to one-quarter of the Union’s population. “And it's only 10 percent of (the EU’s) capital, so it is still too little, but at the same time there are great prospects,” the Polish President said.

According to the president, the cooperation of stock exchanges from the region may create synergy. “I hope that we will cooperate to build the prosperity of our countries, of our nations, of our part of Europe and, in effect, the whole EU,” President Duda said.

The Three Seas initiative is a joint project of the Polish and Croatian presidents that brings together twelve countries situated between the Adriatic, Baltic and Black Seas.

The organisers of the Three Seas Stock Exchanges Conference invited the head’s of the trading floors from the Central-Eastern Europe region, as well as representatives of business, public administration and the most important financial institutions.