Festival of animated documentaries starts in Łódź

The “2nd Rising of Lusitania AnimaDoc Film Festival”, a pandemic edition of an animated documentary festival, started on Monday in Łódź, central Poland. The festival will last until September 13.

Film screenings will take place in two Łódź cinemas. The festival is an international competition dedicated entirely to animated documentaries.

The organisers received 130 documentaries from 39 countries, including Yemen, Congo, Myanmar, Oman and Senegal. Thirty-six productions, including 33 animated documentaries and three animated so-called mockumentaries, have eventually been accepted to be shown during the festival.

The films will be evaluated by a jury composed of Viktoria Marinov (Bulgaria), Marcin Podolec and Agnieszka Powierska (Poland), Mariia Snisarenko (Ukraine), and Denis Viren (Russia).