Polish conservative writer Leopold Tyrmand’s clash with counterculture revolution

Born in Warsaw in 1920 into a Polish-Jewish assimilated family, Leopold Tyrmand got to see Warsaw in its full splendour before the Second World War. A survivor of the Holocaust, Tyrmand returned to Poland where he became a celebrated author who described the grim realities of communism before being censored by the regime.

Interviewed by PolandIN, the author’s son Matthew Tyrmand tells the story of how his father left Poland for the US, fell in love with its culture and affinity for freedom, but was also horrified by the counterculture which started picking up pace in the late 1960s.

The interview also touches upon Leopold’s pioneering role in popularising jazz music in communist Poland and his later experiences in the paleoconservative movement as one of the co-founders of the Rockford Institute and an editor of its anti-communist journal Chronicles of Culture.

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