Admire endangered species inhabiting Kadzidłowo Wildlife Park

A home for several endangered species, the Kadzidłowo Wildlife Park is located in Piska forest on the territory of Warmińsko-Mazurskie province.

It is said that around 400 animals of over 100 species, including those very rare and under protection native to Siberia and the Far East inhabit the area. Accompanied by guides, tourists can enter their enclosures and admire the animals from a safe distance. The park also runs a programme reintroducing endangered species into the wild.

How to get to Kadzidłowo

To go and see for yourself what kind of specimen can be found there, head towards the Masuria region - the park is located between Mokre Lake and Bełdany Lake. Several holiday resorts, such as Mikołajki and Mrągowo are situated in the vicinity of Kadzidłowo.