Go(a)t milk? The Złotna Goat Farm is where you’ve got to be

There are 140 of them and their owners know the name of every single one of them. The goats of the Złotna Goat Farm in Poland’s northeastern province of Warmińsko-Mazurskie are amiable beings, very eager to welcome relaxation-starved visitors and satisfy their hunger with organic goat milk-based products.

Set on the border of Warmińsko-Mazurskie province, surrounded by fields and meadows, the Złotna Goat Farm has been running for the past seven years. Katarzyna and Grzegorz Łaski, the marriage in charge of the farm, turned a deteriorating farmstead into a certified ecological farm with a sizable herd of “cuddlesome” goats.

“We pet them, feed them, go for walks with them, look after them, and most of all, we make truly ecological cheeses from their milk,” the Łaskis wrote on the farm’s official website. Apart from standard goat cheese, yoghurts, cottage cheese and goat ricotta are produced at the farm.

“The idea that guides us is to return to the roots, to clean, healthy food unpolluted by chemicals,” the official website reads, inviting youth to partake in goat therapy.

How to get there?

Visitors travelling from Warsaw would find it the most convenient to follow route no. S7/7 until the village of Czerwona Karczma where they should take a turn right onto route no. 530. This will lead them to the village of Szeląg. In Szeląg, travellers should bear left and continue along the road until they reach the town of Zawroty, where they should turn left onto route no. 527. Follow that route through the town of Morąg and after some 5.6 km from the town turn right. After approximately 3 km you have arrived at the Goat Farm.

If 140 goats were not enough for visitors to keep them occupied during their stay at the farm, a stately 26-year-old mare, three dogs, hens and geese present at the farmstead are sure to prove an attraction to old and young regardless.