Stroll around Branicki Palace’s impressive gardens

Located in the capital city of the Podlaskie province, Białystok, the Branicki Palace is one of the most cherished baroque buildings in Poland.

The palace, together with the adjacent gardens and park, is situated in the city centre. It was built in the 18th century on the basis of a defence castle constructed two centuries earlier.

During WWII, the residence suffered severe damage and the process to restore it to its former glory continues to this day. Its interiors and facade have already been restored, while the griffin - the Branicki family’s coat of arms, has returned to the gate.

The former upper garden has been reconstructed in a French style, while the lower one has been maintained in an English style. Thanks to the impressive illuminations, the gardens are a very popular spot for night walks.

The palace currently serves as the seat of the Medical University in Białystok.