Street Theatre Festival concludes in Kraków

The 33rd International Street Theatre Festival has come to an end in Krakow. This year's edition was held under the slogan "Bizarre acts". For three days, city squares and streets were transformed into magical theatre stages.

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Spectacular shows proved that despite the difficult situation related to the coronavirus epidemic, live theatre did not cease to exist.

The organisers have prepared over 40 performances from actors, comedians, mimes and clowns from all over the world. In the festival programme, one can find both poetic and thought-provoking performances, as well as ones a bit lighter - intended for children and entire families.

The 33rd edition of the festival not only provided the audience with strong emotions, but also helped them realise that nothing in the theatre is quite as powerful as live contact between the actor and the spectator.

Festival participants, despite the fact that the events took place in the open air, had to follow strict sanitary rules and guidelines. The Festival was organised by the well-known KTO Theater.