Digital affairs committee adopts policy for AI development

The Council of Ministers Committee for Digital Affairs adopted a policy for the development of artificial intelligence (AI) in Poland on Monday, an important step towards taking advantage of the opportunities offered by AI.

The document defines actions and goals for Poland in the short-term (to 2023), medium-term (to 2027) and long-term (after 2027). It is divided into six segments and includes activities aimed at making society aware of the need to constantly improve digital competency.

Moreover, the actions listed in the document focus on the support for Polish AI enterprises, support for the Polish scientific and research community. Activities for primary education found themselves in the document as well, along with actions to support Polish business in the field of AI and technology development in the international arena and support for the public sector in the implementation of AI.

Minister of Digital Affairs Marek Zagórski said that the document includes not only the international, legal, technical and organisational dimensions of the use of AI, but also the "ethical dimension."

According to the ministry, the document specifies the requirements and conditions for the use of AI. It concerns all phases, such as design solutions, research, development, implementation, application and use, as well as AI deactivation.

The policy for the development of AI in Poland also envisages the establishment of a ministerial coordination centre, the purpose of which will be to monitor the implementation of AI policies.

“New technologies and solutions employing AI are having an ever-larger influence on the potential-building of national economies. Poland wants to avail itself of this opportunity. The ‘Policy for the Development of AI in Poland’ is to help carry out this objective,” the ministry wrote in a statement.

The document will now be forwarded for further legislative work. Its receipt by the Standing Committee of the Council of Ministers is planned for the turn of September and October 2020.