PM to introduce ‘Marshall Plan for Belarus’ at next EU leaders meeting

On behalf of the Visegrad Group, PM Morawiecki will present the "Marshall Plan for Belarus” at the upcoming meeting of EU leaders, said the PM Office’s head Michał Dworczyk on Monday after Mr Morawiecki's meeting with the leaders of the Polish parliamentary groupings.

The project envisages a number of activities and guidelines offered to Belarus if the elections were to be repeated and held fairly.

“It is a sort of road map for Belarus linked with the creation of the stabilisation fund by using numerous financial mechanisms that are to be presented and explained by the PM in the future”, Mr Dworczyk stated.

Highlighting the Belarusian issue in Europe

One of the issues on the agenda of Monday’s meeting was the intensification of activities of parliamentary diplomacy on the Belarusian developments.

"This applies not only to the European Parliament but also to the Polish parliamentarians who, within the framework of bilateral relations of international groups, will take steps to ensure that the Belarus issue is present on the international forum," he said.

"Unfortunately, it is a fact that not all EU countries show such empathy as Poland, the Baltic States and the countries of our region", the PM’s aide noted.

We and gov’t speak with one voice: opposition

Michał Dworczyk found the more than three-hour discussion "substantive and fruitful". One of the topics of the meeting with the Prime Minister was to improve humanitarian aid for Belarusians. Other topics of the meeting were the establishment of a permanent forum for Polish-Belarusian cooperation, the economic commitment of the EU towards Belarus and the "Solidarity with Belarus" programme.

The politicians of the opposition Civic Coalition (KO) party stated that regarding Belarus, “we speak with one voice”. They also declared our support for the government in the European Parliament in activities connected with the developments in Belarus.

Adam Szłapka, a KO politician and the leader of Nowoczesna, pointed out that "the common voice of the Polish political class when it comes to foreign policy” was important in particular so Poland could “undertake initiatives at the European level”.

According to the deputy KO leader Barbara Nowacka, the meeting with PM Morawiecki "was good because dialogue in politics, also in the international sphere, is necessary"

Russian excessive involvement ‘unacceptable’

Referring to the recent talks between the Russian and Belarusian presidents, Michał Dworczyk said there was no consensus for Russia becoming excessively involved in the events in Belarus.

When asked about the Russian-Belarusian military manoeuvers taking place in the Brest district, he noted that, contrary to media reports, "there is no question of any military threat close to Poland's borders". The head of the PM’s office pointed out that these were “pre-planned military exercises” and “some of them have already ended”.