Julia and Antoni top baby names in Poland

Julia has overtaken last year’s favourite Zuzanna as the top girls’ name in the first half of 2020, while Antoni and Jan are still the top two for boys in Poland.

Over the first half of 2020 a total 3,649 girls were called Julia, just ahead of the 3,639 who were named Zuzanna, last year’s favourite for baby girls.

Meanwhile, 4,037 Antonis were welcomed to the world over the same period, along with 3,823 Jans. Jakub leapfrogged Alexander into third place, followed by Szymon, Filip Mikołaj and Stanisław, with Wojciech coming in in tenth place.

Laura is the only newcomer at number 10 in the top 10 girls’ names, which also includes Zofia, Hanna, Maja, Lena, Alicja, Oliwia and Maria


Polish is a language which loves diminutives and each of these names has a preferred short form. For boys the normal form is adding an -ek ending, while for girls you add a -ka ending. But babies receive a “double diminutive” and sometimes a “triple diminutive”, which may only be appropriate for when they are small.

Hence Antoni becomes Antek but may also be “Anteczek’, Jan - Janek, Jaś- Jaśiek, or even Jasieczek, Jakub - Kuba or Kubuś, Kubusiek, Aleksander - Olek, Oleczek. The same is true for Franciszek - Franek and Szymon - Szymek.

And for girls Julia is Julka or Juleczka, Zuzanna is Zuzia, Zofia - Zosia, Zośka, Zosieńka, etcetera. The same is true of Hanna - Hańka, Haneczka, Maja - Majka, Majeczka, and Lena - Lenka, Leneczka.

The full list can be found here.