Sanok, southeastern Poland, a treat for mural lovers

Walking around Sanok, southeastern Poland, you can come across numerous murals depicting old inhabitants of the city who have been brought back to life by local artists.

Portraits of former mayors, teachers, vets, and athletes can be seen on the walls of old buildings. They evoke the memories and atmosphere of the city’s old town. They are modelled on old photographs made by the city’s residents.

A map with the locations of the murals can be picked up at the local Tourist Information Centre.

Sanok is located in the southeastern corner of the country, near the Bieszczady Mountains. You can get there from the west of Poland via the A4 motorway or if travelling from the north, taking National road no. 9 or 19 to Rzeszów. From Rzeszów, you should follow National road no. 19 south, and past Domaradz, turn left onto Regional road no. 886 which will lead you straight to Sanok. You can also reach the city by train or coach, however train connections are rather infrequent.