Energy group PGE intends to offer 100-pct green power by 2050

The Polish Energy Group (PGE) wants to offer only green energy by 2050, company representatives said during a Wednesday press conference.

"We take the lead in achieving zero [CO2] emissions," PGE head Wojciech Dąbrowski said, adding that "our aspiration is for our company to offer 100-percent green energy to customers in 2050."

The PGE head added that the group's new green energy strategy would be published later in the autumn.

"We will transform PGE and the whole electric energy business because we are the largest [company]," he said. "We aim to become a pioneer and for the company to spearhead energy transformation."

Referring to Poland's draft energy policy until 2040, Mr Dąbrowski said that the group had set up a fair transformation plan for its central Polish Bełchatów complex and plans to establish similar projects at other coal-burning sites.

"Available data show that green investments can fully replace or even yield more jobs than conventional coal complexes currently offer," Mr Dąbrowski said.

He noted that it was clear that coal would not be the basic fuel of the future and that the company would use gas for heating plants during a transition period in the coming years.

On the topic of hydrogen, the PGE head stated that it is currently too expensive a technology and needed a few years to become more widespread and affordable. Nevertheless, Mr Dąbrowski said the group was striving for its installations to be compatible with hydrogen burning in the future.