Poland to get EUR 18.9 bn from EC reconstruction fund

A total of EUR 18.9 bn in subsidies will go to Poland from the reconstruction fund in 2021-2022, and up to EUR 4.1 in 2023 according to the calculations presented on Thursday by the European Commission.

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The European Commission officially presented the calculation of the distribution of subsidies from the Reconstruction and Resilience Facility, the shape of which was negotiated at the EU summit in July.

The presented calculations show that for the years 2021-2022 Poland will receive EUR 18.9 billion, while in 2023 an additional EUR 4.1 billion. The latter amount will, however, ultimately depend on the unemployment rates in Poland.

The largest share of the COVID-19 recovery funds available in 2021-2022 will go to Spain - EUR 43.5 bn, and Italy - EUR 44.7 bn. France is to receive EUR 22.7 billion while Germany will get EUR 15.2 bn.

The EUR 750 billion reconstruction fund was agreed at the July summit in Brussels and will be composed of EUR 390 bn euros in subsidies and EUR 360 billion euros in loans.

The Recovery and Resilience Facility is to make up the largest part of the funding, amounting to EUR 672.5 bn, split into loans and grants.

In order to access the Reconstruction and Resilience Facility member states must submit plans outlining national investment and reform programs in line with EU policy criteria.

The plans need to show how governments intend to increase their potential for economic growth, job creation and economic and social resilience, coping with ecological and digital transformation. The Commission encourages Member States to include investments in "flagship areas" in their plans. These include clean technologies and the use of renewable energy sources, improving the energy efficiency of public and private buildings, intelligent transport, introduction of high-speed broadband services, including fibre and 5G networks, and the digitalisation of public administration and services, including judicial and healthcare systems.