Poland to join Electric Vehicle Initiative forum

Representatives of the Polish Climate Ministry announced on Thursday that Poland will join the Electric Vehicles Initiative (EVI) forum, which aims to accelerate the electrification of transport around the world.

The Electric Vehicles Initiative (EVI) is a multi-government policy forum dedicated to accelerating the introduction and adoption of electric vehicles. EVI was launched under the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM), a high-level dialogue among Energy Ministers from the world’s major economies.

EVI's main objectives are to create and strengthen public awareness of the opportunities offered by electric transport, supporting activities at the national and international level regarding electric vehicles, creating a vision for the future development of electric transport as well as participation in the creation of publications on electric mobility and its development.

According to the ministry, the current members of EVI are: Chile, China, Finland, France, Canada, India, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, Germany, Norway, the United States, Sweden and the United Kingdom.