Ruling party figures say coalition now in grave danger

Many voices coming from the Law and Justice party are suggesting that the ruling United Right coalition is about to dissolve. Member of Parliament Marek Suski, Deputy Interior Minister Marek Wąsik, as well as government spokesman, Piotr Müller all said that yesterday’s vote on the animal protection bill and dragging coalition talks on a government reshuffle may bring about significant changes to the Polish government.

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Law and Justice MP Marek Suski in an interview with RMF FM radio on Friday morning said that “the coalition has been gone since yesterday. For today we are determined to have a minority government.”

This represents the fallout from the dragging coalition talks regarding the government reshuffle and voting on the bill on animal protection in which Law and Justice’s coalition partners, the Agreement and Solidarity Poland parties, refused to support PiS.

Yesterday, Law and Justice chairman Jarosław Kaczyński said that if the situation demands it, the reconstruction of the government will take place without Ziobro and Gowin’s parties.

Ruling party files animal protection bill

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"This is not the end of the world, but the end of the coalition and probably means a minority government," Marek Suski commented on RMF FM, airing yesterday's insubordination of the MPs of the Agreement and Solidarity Poland parties. "I believe that our former coalition members should already be clearing their desks," he added.

The Deputy Minister of Interior and Administration Maciej Wąsik, in an interview with Program 1 of Polish Radio, said that he has doubts whether the ruling coalition is still in power. He was referring to the amendment to the animal protection law, which was adopted by the Lower House overnight. Among others, 38 MPs of the PiS Parliamentary Club voted against the act, including all the MPs from Solidarity Poland. 15 deputies from the Agreement party abstained.

“I must admit that I have doubts about this, also in the context of yesterday's meeting with Jaroslaw Kaczynski,” the Law and Justice politician said when asked whether the ruling coalition is still in power.

“I believe that some things should be regulated very radically, otherwise the United Right will not function. It is impossible to function in this way for three years,” emphasized the deputy minister.

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Asked whether the scenario of a minority government is being taken into account, government spokesman Piotr Müller replied that he thinks that "this is a situation in which such a scenario should be taken into account. Such situations have already taken place in the past, with the governments of Jerzy Buzek (AWS) or Marek Belka (Left). You can rule and vote on individual laws one at a time," the spokesman said in an interview for commercial Polsat News TV.

“Observers of political life will judge yesterday’s events as a kind of change that is unlikely to be good in terms of the stability of the United Right. I say this with regret, because for the Law and Justice party it was a key project and our coalition members behaved in a way that did not comply with the principles that prevailed in the United Right so far," said the government spokesman, referring to the overnight vote on the draft amendment on animal protection.

“It is not a question of declarations, but of facts that took place yesterday. Our coalition members behaved in a way that puts the United Right camp in a situation where a minority government may be necessary,” he stressed.