The highlander's heart: Ząb, Southern Poland

Here in Ząb, Małopolskie province you can admire the Tatra Mountains from one of the highest Polish villages. The village of Ząb also has the beautiful church of St. Anna which was built in 1921.

Just next to the church you can see a wooden chapel founded by the inhabitants to commemorate the visit of Pope John Paul II in 1997.

The village was founded in 1620. Its inhabitants have remained faithful to agricultural and pastoral traditions to this day. The village consists of almost 400 farms. It has its own school (elementary and secondary school), a fire station and a health centre.

Since 1964, the village has its own regional art group called "Zbójnicek". It presents the culture of the region, the works of famous folk authors, as well as highland customs and music.

The village is also an important centre of regional embroidery craft.

The easiest way to get to Ząb is via the village of Suche, located near Poronin (on the road to Zakopane). From Poronin head west crossing the bridge over the Dunajec River, then pass the aforementioned village and take a long and steep drive to reach your destination.