Less than 1% of schools operating remotely: Education Ministry

A total of 185 schools operate with some of their pupils and teachers working remotely, 68 schools introduced a full-time mode of remote operation, whilst the remaining 48,231 continue to work normally, the Education Ministry announced on Tuesday.

The data published by the ministry has been acquired by school superintendents based on information provided by headmasters. In line with the data, 48,231 kindergartens, schools and other education establishments continue to carry out their work in a stationary mode, which makes up 99.48 percent of the total number.

The mixed mode of schooling has been implemented in 185 educational establishments, namely 0.38 percent of the total.

Only 0.14 percent of the total number of educational establishments introduced remote work.

Dariusz Piontkowski, the Education Minister, told Polish Radio on Monday that “only a small fraction of schools, namely less than 1 percent, have decided to entirely convert to remote schooling. The vast majority of those schools has either some of their pupils learning remotely or some of their teachers working remotely whilst the remaining part of the schools have been working normally.”

“This is why we currently do not plan to lock down schools … as long as schools can carry on operating normally,” the minister said, adding that “this is particularly the case regarding small schools far away from large urban agglomerations, where no infections have been reported, thus there’s no need to close them. The same goes for large cities, as long as no more significant epidemiological threat arises. The sole fact that someone fell ill in the suburbs of Szczecin does not imply that schools near Rzeszów must be locked down.”