COVID-19 drug promising, but effectiveness requires confirmation: virologist

The Polish drug for COVID-19 containing antibodies of convalescents looks very promising, but its effectiveness in clinical trials still needs to be confirmed, Professor Krzysztof Pyrć, a virologist from the Jagiellonian University said on Wednesday.

Professor Pyrć referred to the latest statement of Biomed Lublin, in which the Polish company announced it has completed the first stage of production of the Polish drug for COVID-19, made of plasma obtained from COVID-19 convalescents.

Preliminary studies confirm its effectiveness, now it will go to clinical trials. Company representatives say that should everything go according to plan, Poland will be the first country in the world in a few months to have an effective drug "neutralising the coronavirus".

“This is not a new formula since it has been applied for many years under different names to patients with various infectious conditions, hence it is ready to be tested in clinical trials”, said Professor Pyrć, who took part in the laboratory tests of the medicine.

“We checked that the antibodies obtained from the COVID-19 convalescents not only recognise but also inhibit the infection effectively. Now, clinical trials have to be started to show whether it is effective in patients”, he added.

In his opinion, the characteristics of this preparation are known to the public and if the registration offices, such as the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the Main Pharmaceutical Inspectorate agree, it can be administered to patients.