Polish flavours on your plate: sprat fries

Sprat fries are made by cooking sprats in hot oil thus making them crispy. Although it is a tasty dish, it does not require extraordinary cooking skills. It has to be served with lemon and pickle sauce.

The President of the Association of the Polish Chefs assures that sprat fries have already become “a religion and a cult” in the Kashubia region.

Sprat fries are to enter the list of traditional Polish regional specialities. The list already contains f.e. Tatar cuisine, with its marvellous representative - “Pierekaczewnik” a meat pie for special occasions and holidays, prepared by the Polish Tatar population since the XVIII century.

You can taste sprat fries while enjoying a trip to the Kashubian region of Pomorze, northern Poland. To get there from Warsaw you should use the A1 motorway and then follow the S6 to reach the capital of Kaszuby - Wejherowo.