Taste plum jam in the Lower Vistula Valley

September is the time for plum harvesting, and the Lower Vistula Valley is a great source of these fruits. A ripe plum straight from the tree can be used for compote, or can land in a special pot and become jam.

Unlike regular jam and marmalade, plum jam, or powidła in Polish, is a fruit spread that is prepared without the use of additional sweeteners and gelling agents. To get the perfect taste, the gathered plums should be ripe, and then cooked for several hours, which allows the jam to achieve the necessary sweetness.

But the Lower Vistula Valley has much more to offer than powidła. It is a fertile land in northern Poland dotted with green farms and rich with history. Flat, bisected by the wide, slow flowing river, the region developed during the 13th and 14th centuries into a thriving trade centre, via many ports established along the Vistula’s banks from Toruń to Gdańsk.

For centuries much of the valley was occupied by the Teutonic Order and the remnants from the order’s heyday now comprise some of the most picturesque sights in the region.