Poland's ruling coalition to sign new deal on Saturday

The United Right, Poland's ruling coalition led by Law and Justice (PiS), will sign a new coalition deal after weeks of negotiations, the Polish Press Agency has learnt unofficially “from sources close to the party leadership.”

Also expected is a joint statement from the leaders of PiS and its two junior coalition partners, Solidarity Poland and Agreement, the source said.

At their latest meeting on Thursday, PiS politicians endorsed arrangements made in negotiations between PiS leader Jarosław Kaczyński, Solidary Poland leader Zbigniew Ziobro and Agreement leader Jarosław Gowin.

PiS caucus head Ryszard Terlecki said earlier that Jarosław Kaczyński is to enter the government as deputy PM.

Zbigniew Ziobro is currently the Justice Minister and Prosecutor General, and will remain in office, however, Mr Kaczyński as deputy PM is to supervise the internal, justice and defence ministries.

Additionally, each of the junior coalition partners will supervise only one ministry, instead of two.

A government reshuffle will follow the signing of the new coalition deal, with the number of ministries reduced from over 20 to 15.

The deal comes after a dispute within the ruling camp which erupted after an animal protection bill was voted through parliament. One of the smaller coalition partners voted against, while the other abstained. The vast majority of Civic Coalition and Left MPs voted in favour. The bill is now being debated in the Senate.