New restrictions in ‘red’, ‘yellow’ districts to curb COVID-19 spread

As the number of new confirmed COVID-19 cases in Poland exceeds one thousand for the second day in a row, Wojciech Andrusiewicz, the spokesperson of Poland’s Health Ministry, announced that “additional sanitary restrictions in the most coronavirus-threatened districts are expected soon.”

Part of the ministry’s new strategy to curb the spread of the pathogen, the new restrictions are to take effect in red- and yellow-marked districts.

“These restrictions will affect meetings of people and [interpersonal] contacts,” the spokesperson said, adding that “ discussion on the implementation of the current strategy of the struggle against the coronavirus is afoot. Heated consultations with specialists are ongoing and tackle how the [sanitary] recommendations should be implemented so that we may be protected against infection and so as to help doctors in their work with patients.”

The spokesman added that the number of cases would continue to soar. He also appealed yet again to the public to abide by sanitary regulations, i.e., wearing facemasks, maintaining social distance and using sanitisers.

“What the strategy against COVID-19 has in stock for the Autumn is not fending off the virus at our borders. We will be fighting against this virus every day, that is why the strategy envisages direct reactions, for instance, introducing restrictions in some districts,” Mr Andrusiewicz said following the consultations of the Health Ministry with specialists, doctors and pharmacists, aimed at specifying what kind of additional recommendations can protect Poles from being infected with COVID-19 and how to help the healthcare system effectively aid patients.

Red-marked districts include Głubczycki and Kartuski Districts.

Yellow-marked districts include Brzeski, Suski, Limanowski, Myślenicki, Nowotarski, Tatrzański, Trzebnicki, Otwocki, Przasnyski, Kłobucki, Sopot, Działdowski, Nidzicki, Piotrkowski, Międzychodzki, Gostyński, Bytowski, Milicki, Aleksandrowski Districts.