Pandemic is under control in Poland: President

Polish president Andrzej Duda has told reporters that the coronavirus pandemic is under control in Poland and that the number of new daily infections is expected to flatten by mid-October.

The president’s comments come after the Ministry of Health reported a record-high number of new infections with a figure of 1,587 new cases.

The pandemic is not in retreat, but it is under control in our country; we can expect that there may still be a rise in cases until mid-October,(..) but from then we expect a flattening of the curve.

The President was asked for his opinion on the subject at a briefing in the Vatican.

"The pandemic is not in reverse, but it is under control in our country. I have stressed this from the beginning. There is no shortage of hospital beds or ventilators; there is an adequate supply of them”, said the President.

He stressed that he talked about transmission numbers with the Chief Sanitary Inspector, who has told the president that an increase is expected between mid-September and mid-October due to people returning to work and schools following their vacation.

The president stated that Poland has managed the pandemic well, saying “we have managed to control this pandemic relatively well (...) there has not been a single major crisis, there has never been a shortage of hospital beds and no one has been left ventilator”.

The president stressed that one should be extremely careful in the case of the elderly and people with coexisting diseases.

Almost 2,400 Poles have passed away due to the disease since the first case was recorded in Poland in early March.