Polish Post customers can now send parcels to over 60 countries

The national operator introduced the option of sending priority parcels to Japan. It also restored the possibility of sending parcels to Argentina, Montenegro, Kenya, Pakistan and Tunisia. Currently, customers of Polish Post can send parcels to over 60 countries around the world.

"One should take into account possible delays in deliveries of parcels due to difficulties on European roads and limitations in the work of postal operators in Poland and abroad", noted Justyna Siwek, spokeswoman for Polish Post.

Courier shipments, being the fastest delivered, can be shipped to 20 countries, including the Netherlands and Germany, while postal parcels can be sent to more than 40 countries.

The spokeswoman for the national operator explained in the press release that “Polish Post analyses the situation on the postal market and remains in constant contact with foreign postal operators in order to successively launch the sending of foreign parcels”. She also pointed out that the services may not always be provided as soon as the company would like them to be and sending parcels to some of the countries might also be problematic due to postal operators being subject to local pandemic laws and recommendations.