Autumn offers plenty of adventures in Lower Silesia

The rugged terrain in the province of Lower Silesia offers great activities and sights to behold during the season which locals call the “Polish Golden Autumn”.

Hikers and other enthusiasts of natural scenes are enchanted by the Podgórna waterfall, the third tallest in the Karkonosze Mountains.

The 10-meter high triple cascade can be found near the small village of Przeieka, located close to the cities of Jelenia Góra and Karpacz.

Despite its unquestionable charm, the waterfall sees few tourists and those who make the effort to travel down one of the hiking trails leading to it are rewarded by being able to enjoy its beauty in peace.

Another body of water which stands out in beauty is the glacial lake which is known as the Small Pond, despite measuring more than 250 metres in length and 140 metres wide.

Prospective swimmers should be warned that it’s known for its clear but very cold water.

Located in the Karkonosze National Park, visitors of the glacial lake can expect a rustic but very cosy stay at the Samotnia Shelter just a stone’s throw away from the lake itself.

Those who are more interested in speed and sharp turns will head for the toboggan slope “Kolorowa”. Popular with couples, the sledges sit 2 people and can reach speeds of up to 35 km/h while racing down through beautiful natural landscape.

The summer might be over but the “Polish Golden Autumn” offers memorable experiences for those who make the effort to seek them out.