‘Kinomural’ lights up facades of Wrocław’s tenement houses

Being an open-air audiovisual gallery, “Kinomural” is an art initiative that boils down to displaying animations from all over the world on the facades of Wrocław’s Nadodrze district tenement houses.

“Nadodrze is an old part of Wrocław that was not destroyed during WWII,” Bartek Bartos, the event’s organiser, told PolandIN.

As recounted by Mr Bartos, “Kinomural” is a compound word consisting of two words “cinema” and “mural”, thus the event is “in short, living pictures… on the sidewalls of the buildings.”

Mr Bartos went on to say that in 2020 as many as five walls from a total of five buildings were used as a backdrop for the artistic projections. The animations were displayed simultaneously. Nevertheless, Mr Bartos stressed that “this is not a typical cinema. We are not a film festival.”

“This year we have 48 artists from around the world: Columbia, Mexico, the United States, Switzerland, Ukraine, Belarus, Germany [and] Poland,” Mr Bartos said.