Scientists to help in the fight against bread waste

Bakeries from all over Poland can cooperate with scientists from the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN) and co-create an application that will reduce food waste. It will facilitate planning production so that all the bread baked can be sold.

According to the Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IRZiBŻ PAN) in Olsztyn, Polish bakeries generate up to several tons of bakery waste per week. "This is not only a huge waste of food, but also unnecessary energy consumption", say scientists from Olsztyn.

The application will allow bakeries to obtain optimal and energy-saving production by estimating efficient usage of raw materials and machines. This will help bakeries reduce the amount of waste generated, energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Bakeries cooperating under the PrO4Bake project will provide data from production processes to scientists from IRZiBŻ PAN.

In all countries participating in the project - Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Germany and Italy - consumer research will be carried out, the results of which will be processed by Siemens’ experts who will create a prototype of the algorithm for the application.

"The developed application will be commercialised through a series of training courses to allow European bakeries to adapt their product range to expected consumer demand and to produce only the quantity that will be sold in the bakery, thus keeping both the amount of waste and energy consumption as low as possible”, summarises Dr hab. Małgorzata Wronkowska, project coordinator at IRZiBŻ PAN.

The PrO4Bake project started in 2020 and will run for two years. The work on the application is financed by the EIT Food Knowledge and Innovation Community. Project activities are coordinated by the University of Hohenheim in Germany. PrO4Bake has been nominated for the EIT Innovators Award 2020.

Bakeries’ representatives can contact Dr hab. Eng. Małgorzata Wronkowska, e-mail: and Ann Bednarska, e-mail: