CEO detained as part of investigation into former PO-PSL minister’s corruption

As the investigation into alleged corruption, money laundering and running a criminal group by Sławomir Nowak, a former Transport Minister in the government of the Civic Platform and Polish People’s Party (PO-PSL) and former head of the Ukrainian State Road Agency, continues, the Central Anti-corruption Bureau (CBA) has detained two more suspects. Dariusz Jacek K. (name withheld under Poland’s privacy law), a former CEO of Poland’s gas giant PKN Orlen, and Wojciech T., a former board member of energy companies, allegedly handed bribes to Mr Nowak.

“Following the conclusion of search procedures, the detainees will be moved to the prosecutor’s office to face charges of active corruption related to suspicions of handing hundred-thousands-zloty-worth financial profits to Sławomir N. in exchange for helping them to get to lucrative offices,” the CBA wrote. The crimes reportedly committed by Mr K. and T. coincided with the tenure of Mr Nowak as the Transport Minister.

The investigation is ongoing as new evidence are being collected and analysed, Poland’s public broadcaster TVP reported.

Dariusz Jacek K. was PKN Orlen’s CEO in the years of 2008-2015. The CBA also detained him in 2019 under charges of negligence of duties and causing the company a financial loss of over PLN 500,000 (EUR 109,000).

In late July, Sławomir Nowak heard the charge of directing an organised criminal group benefiting from corruption between October 2016 and September 2019. The former politician is suspected of demanding and accepting financial and personal benefits in exchange for awarding contracts for road construction and renovation in Ukraine to private entities, as well as money laundering. As a result of these crimes, he was to receive PLN 1.3 mln (EUR 290,000).

As part of the investigation, CBA officers secured over PLN 4 mln (EUR 870,000), including 536,000 in EUR, 470,000 in USD and 30,000 in PLN. Furthermore, two flats valued at PLN 2 mln (EUR 440,000) both and a luxury Land Rover car were secured as they were purchased with crime money.

Other individuals detained or arrested as part of the investigation were businessman Jacek P. and Dariusz Z., a former commander of special missions military unit "GROM".