Lower exports of Polish armaments in 2019: MFA

In 2019, Poland exported military equipment worth EUR 390.5 mln, compared to 486.9 mln a year earlier, the report published on Wednesday by the Polish Foreign Affairs Ministry (MSZ) reads.

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Marcin Przydacz, a deputy Foreign Minister pointed out in the report that in 2019, the structure of the exports of Polish armaments changed. “An amount of EUR 390.5 mln compared to 486.9 mln in 2018 reflects a significant (around 20 percent) decrease in the value of the equipment supplied to foreign contractors last year,” he wrote.

The largest recipients of Polish military equipment are entities from the US (32 percent, EUR 127.3 mln), followed by Ukraine (11 percent, EUR 43.9 mln), Algeria (9 percent, EUR 38.7 mln) and Thailand (8 percent, EUR 34.3 mln).

According to the report, Poland sold to the US nearly 7,400 rifles, 5,200 pistols, 38 anti-aircraft missiles “Grom” (“Thunder”), three S-70i helicopters and one T-72 tank.

Moreover, three S-70i helicopters produced in Poland were exported to Thailand, while 28 IFVs were sent to Ukraine. The report does not specify what kind of equipment was sold to Algeria.

Mr Przydacz pointed out that apart from the significant drop in the value of the exported equipment, there is an observable growth trend in the number of export permits issued.

“However, this positive sign should be treated with caution, because of the expected economic slowdown in 2020, caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus pandemic, resulting in a possible decrease in global defence spending, including modernisation purchases,” the deputy minister wrote.

The report was created by the Security Policy Department of MSZ, which is obliged by Polish law and international agreements to publish it annually.