Hidden Poland: New film showing the country’s beauty

The Polish National Foundation (PFN) has produced a film aimed at promoting Poland around the world: "Hidden Poland – Ukryta Polska" is hosted by CBS News journalist Peter Greenberg.

Temistokles Brodowski from the Polish Film Institute said that preparations for the premiere of the film are underway, and its trailer will be available on the Foundation's website soon.

Peter Greenberg, a travel and tourism CBS News journalist, is the host and narrator of the film, explained Brodowski. “It shows special and exceptional places in Poland - hidden treasures that cannot be found in tourist guidebooks to our country”, he said.

Pictures for the film commissioned by the Polish Film Institute were shot in Białowieża, Karkonosze, Tatra Mountains, Łódź, Warsaw, Masuria and the Baltic Sea.

“The shots are comparable to BBC or National Geographic programs and present an extraordinary visual experience”, Brodowski assured.

“The protagonists of the film are not only the natural objects, but also people of exceptional interests and passions - athletes, artists, pilots”, he explained. “They are the real hidden treasure of Poland”, he emphasised.

The Polish National Foundation was established in 2016 and is entirely financed from the budgets of 17 state-owned companies. One of its basic tasks is to promote Poland around the world.