New ‘red zones’ in Poland

Due to the introduction of ‘red zones’ in areas that are popular tourist destinations, policemen patrolling resorts remind pedestrians of the obligation to wear face masks in open areas.

The ‘red zones’, symbolising the areas with the highest increases in COVID-19 infections, have been created in both coastal and mountain areas. They include Zakopane, Sopot and Białystok County, the first in Podlaskie Province.

Due to the introduction of the red zone in the Tatra poviat, municipal services are conducting controls in several areas, including Krupówki Street, one of the most popular tourist attractions in this region, to check if pedestrians have their mouths and noses covered. “The vast majority of them use face masks,” Marek Trzaskoś, commander of the Municipal Police in Zakopane, told the Polish Press Agency. "Society accepts these restrictions with understanding and also uses masks in open spaces", he added.

In the Białystok poviat, some cultural events are being cancelled due to the introduced restrictions resulting from the fight against the coronavirus. Carriers in the areas covered by the red zone also announce that there may be changes in public transport running in the areas subject to the greatest restrictions. Some municipal governments are also changing the rules of office work from Monday, switching to remote contact with residents only.

In Sopot, Lucyna Rekowska, the press officer of the Municipal Police Headquarters, announced on Sunday that on Saturday from morning until early afternoon policemen patrolling the resort instructed 50 people who did not have masks on their faces. She also noted that almost all people without face masks had them with them and - after being noticed - put them on.